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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 27, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> coronavirus cases are surging but that is not stopping shoppers from buying. fox on top of the sales expected to be on fire despite the pandemic. welcome i'm edward lawrence in for neil cavuto. this is your world. begin with garret in chicago on how the shopping season will kickoff. i'm interested to hear how other people about being close together out there? >> well, we north seeing folks close here as they would be on a typical black friday. stores have a lot of precaution in place. don't seat folks waiting to break down the doors.
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a lot have virtual online waits and a lot across the country are restrictod how many folks can be in the store at one time. from a numbers perspective this season is off to a strong start. it started a month ago. retail was launched early black friday deals knowing it would look like none other before. online saleless will be huge. yesterday americans spent a record 5.1 billion dollars, according to adon't and he online sales over all are projected increase by 40 billion dollars compared to left year that virtual shift apparent across the country with no crowds outside stores. folk who is are going out for some t is about the frgz of black friday shop and can other its is a bit of retail therapy. >> we are used to being out
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really early on thanksgiving. we'll keep it local because we don't want to go into stores with the crowds we're ordering online. >> coming out and doing things for myself. treat myself. you know under clothes and stuff like that. >> despite the lack of crowds the season will break records. the fashl federation forecasting sales increase between 3 and 5% compared to left year a jump of 755 billion dollars. edward? >> amazing. i'm interested are some going in online, the folks into the stores do you think? yes. absolutely. but you heard from the shoppers a minute ago. for a lot of this is an experience of going out and holiday shopping and the joy this brings to you personally.
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cross the board, the most sales done had year are taking place on line. . >> the pandemic. now to the white house. trump says delivery of the coronavirus vaccine could begin next week. kristin at the white house with more on that. >> hi, edward. trump sounded optimistic about the time line for distribution for the vaccine when he talked to reporters left night during his first q & a sings the election. >> vaccineers delivered it will start next week and the week after. i know the front line workers and seniors and doctors, nurses, a lot of people will going quickly. two companies ash nounced the third and 4th and fifth coming soon, also. >> the date on watch is december 10th the vehicleseen committee
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will meet to grant emergency use authorization for the first covid-19 vaccine. if they do, the chief scientific add sunrisor to operation warp speed will ship them to cites within 24 hours of that approval. that means december 11 or 12th would be the day that the first people could get the shot, which is two weeks away. it hen an expiindicted time line. trump's administration push to get a vaccine in record time. during the q & a trump says that he believes that he is the person who get the credit. there are those who say what i am doing other single most personal thing i have ever done. i think it may be true. vaccines and by the wachl don't let joe biden take credit for the vaccines. despite the news about a vaccine. doctor fauci says we have a long
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way to go. told usa today he thinks the pandemic will be just as bad during the christmas and new years holiday as it was thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> from the white house. now will retail sales be as strongz as predictd and does it have to do with the success of the vaccines the markets seem to signal good times the nasdaq closing today in a shortened holiday session. with us mou retail upon watcher market watch upper lindz and he scott martin. first of all on this. tell me what do you think. is it true. you think that the pandemic will hold back the shopperser will we see a good season >> we're seeing pent up demand. frugal fatigue we have seen at this time last couple of years, nothing like this . what i mean by that is people have not been
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able to shop and i think there are [inaudible] for not being with families or not able to provide the amazing gifts for partyings for kids. female are going over board. i looked at the or cal study saying 48% of people shop online vment but 62% are expecting the same amount gifts they got last year if not more. there is that layer. do i think a vaccine will make people want to shop more? probably but have you that there are other things having an affect on the economy. >> treasure secretary. we have not gotten font firmation on that. that is moving the markets now. >> we will see on that. lindsay, i want to ask you turn to the markets what would be the longest cyber monday could that- the bottom line enough to save
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them. most of them or cause problems with the job losses we are seeing. >> it could, the consumer has been resill iant. up until this point could provide welcomed support for businesses the we have seen daegzs of momentum on the part of the consumer. both sales and over all consumption falling to lose. now you layer in the risk of federal assistance and forbearance opportunity expiring. as well as further restrictions and look down as cases rise could lead to further job losses and business closures this will paint a difficult scenar >> for consumers and businesses if shoppers pull back. may be not throughout holiday season but first quarter, really depending on the duration of the section rounds this is the longer term perspective the markets should look at and growth will will slow
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potentially falling back to negative territory if the consumer is forced stay in there are homes. >> this is critical, when you look at going forward. how are the businesses look at this. as opposed to year's past for bottom line. >> they are frightened. that's why we're looking for calls of ppe. i believe the government will have to step inspect and provide sfpt for the regions that lindsay laid out and the reasons keith laid out there is i didn't think and ylang to what is going on. the optimistic things investors we look at the fact that we have been through a bit of this movie before may be this statute bad part of the plot coming down the line. we are loser to the end of the pan dig the hopefulful knows the market as is warrantyd and participation of us coming out of this senior rather than
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later. >> seeing disney is laying off an expand amount. 4,000 more 32,000 could online help them with the bottom 39 stave off more layoffs? >> in some areas, disney has a widespread. that's another thing that happened with the companies out there laying off folks and hiring folk system that the companies now have been forced find ways to do xherz. the companies go online and see the streaming take off for disney plus. companies have efficient sized their business. coming out of the issues makes them strong are than before. >> thank you, appreciate it. we are out of time. thank you very much. now coming up next the fiery debate is erupting as the supreme court blocks new york's ref strikzos religious gatherings. governor cuomo playing down the ruling but should other states
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get 5g included and save up to $400 dollars a year on the network rated #1 in customer satisfaction. it's your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile. >> the supreme court vote to block new democratic governor cuomo's order restricting the size of religious gatherings. justice gore accept writing
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while the pandemic poses challenge list is no word the constitution reopen liquor stores and shut churches, synagogues and mosque this is is a ruling that other governors should be watching. deborah, why is this? >> well, the supreme court granted emergency relief holding governor cuomo's restrictions unequal treatment and too drastic a measure there were less restrictions on secular businesses in the same zone. house of worship revving ligzs are more sevoir than required for preventing the spread of covid-19. here is what the other governors should be look out for in other city officials. spored oshg pined even in a pandemic the constitution cannot be put away and forgotten.
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bargain most from able to attend religious service. strikes the heart of the first amendment guarantee of religious liberty. >> is this a precedent they are setting. could it affect other orders like shutting down industries as opposed to other industries? >> i think that going forward, the supreme court is taking a strong stance and saying blanket state power is more powerful than the individual right negating the constitution. a reason for the constitution is to protect the individual against the state. there is a lot of lowe way for individuals to prit in the united states. we don't live under a communist regime including the state controlling accidents. telling people where they can and cannot go. we are see thanksgiving in extreme form under the brood brush stroke of promoting public safety am lake monty department
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of public health shut down out door dine nothing l.a. at first it was about overwhelming the hospital system. now noninfectious disease doctors take away citizen's ability to make a living j. this boiled down to the constitution verse what yous powerhouse the government has n and can pose. that's the core of this was? jot core of this is a specific analysis and pending a system pend nothing new york state now. over all. i think they are sending the message we have to follow the constitution and have individual liberties and becomes a question of can you take less restricted measures that could have been done to prevent the spreftd disease. >> let me interject this . is the first rowelling that justice
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barrett made a difference on. 5 to 4 swaying the court could have been different earlier in the year. does had then can we extrespass lay what may happen with the way she will vote or is it too early to tell. joy say it is too early to tell. it depends how somebody intercepts the constitution. the issue. what their prior analysis is in that area. i don't think we say she will rule this way every time you know i want to focus upon governor cuomo call thanksgiving decision irrelevant this is dangerous. signalling irrelevant is a precuriousor to negate the election battle and whatever your stance or disregard you can't disregard a supreme court decision and daul irrelevant
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>> supreme court would not consider themselves irirrelevant ventively appreciate it, thank you for your time. trump now with georgia on his mind. set to campaign in the state as the majority in the senate hangs in the balance. will that help or hurt republican candidates? we will see, coming up.
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nfl moving the sdeerls approximate ravens game the second time this week. kickoff tuesday we will be back in 60 seconds.
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♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa trump in georgia a month ahead of run off elections. steve is in atlanta with the details getting busy there in atlanta. steve? really the political focus for the country president trump making the announce am he will
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come to georgia december fifth to hold a rally. both really greeting the news with excitement and joy we have seen a string of republican senators visit the campaign in the run off races schedule for january fifth determine control the cent we are not sure about the president plans. what will the president's focus be on the two republican candidates and his own bid for reelection the president has been crist cast voting process in georgia. >> the only recount this matter system to look at the signatureos the envelope. you will find they don't match the people that were many of them hundreds of thousands. i lost by 12,000 ditch not lose. 5 million ballots now are counted for the 30 time amount
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machine recount. georgia officials don't expect a change biden with a lead of 12,000 votes. >> in georgia taxpayers and investors are watching the races closely. will trump's visit help or hurt republican candidates. let's ask. an examiner also new york post kellytorience and the wall treat journal. what do you think. will itmic a difference or not? >> that will dem penned on what trump focuses of he has the potential to help both kelly and he daveit purdue. he is one of the most popular republican presidents in the past through democracied approval ratings high and attracted more voters this time than in 2016. if he choses to make this the two run offense whether he won the election or not. there is a good chance he could
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hurt both. what this election needs to be about is about check a biden administration and preventing harris from being the deciding vote in the senate. that is had he needs to tell voters. >> tell issue about alegality of money. kelly ann, a lot of money is put into georgia on both sides. is it turning off voters. every where is a political ad. a sign and somebody giving you a flyer will that turn voters off. >> good question the turn out for a run off election is lower than the general. and in georgia ranged from 20% of those who voted in general in the run off to 60%. the most recent one was 40%. upon that was actual low for the governorship. had 40 the left time we had a run off in the senate. well is less interest in the run off. few were candidates on the
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ballot. no president on the ballot. you know people could be turned off by the ads i think it is good that trump is going to georgia for one thing it signals he is interested in the health of the republican party once he is gone. he lost the presidential election but he is going it is important for republicans to keep control of the senatism think that trump can make the case better then and there anyone. residence need control television to keep a progressive agenda from passing. he made that. >> exactly. >> and -- keep his foot in the door for possible low 4 years from now. financial question here is that should of the results of this election go toward the democrats. should we look at our 401k's and making changes to be concerned about our finance. >> the markets way up. and it
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hen up for several amongs and biden victory in the election clear in poling and what happened won election the market transended at an all time record. i'm not sure hai think the market metabolized a biden victory. senate victory assume thering is a split power. but look. with the biden victory more stimulus and most likely that , is good for the market. for the candidates there the down side is that the president come and come with the better than of having mismanaged the coronavirus crisis. it is hitting georgia hard. failed to use legal strategies to over turn illegal american election that has failed. that may rub people the wrong way and engendered insiding went g. o. p. in georgia by crist
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siegz the governor and secretary of state who were republican. on the other hand. he lost it election by 6 million votes but got 74 million votes the second most highest number that any presidential candidate received. he goes to georgia with a lot of support from his base. i think purdue see this has a plus. you are seeing other senators g. o. p. senators weighed in the concept. their jobs deupon pend upon success. chair manships of senate committees. >> i want to ask about this. tell me -- there is a lot of attention going on this is about getting the base out or abouty getting new voter what is is the focus to win the races down there? >> it is about both. obviously a lot went in the 2020 election expect thanksgiving
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georgia would remain a red state now we continue is definitely more purple than red it is important to underestimate democrat enthusiasm going in the run offs they are putting millions in the state and they are registering as many voters as they can in order to win both race. ure look at needing to win trump's base and you need to win over the voter who is might have voted for biden during the presidential election but down ballot for republican candidates for the house and the senate. >> in that race with landfall ler was it -- representative cullin split the republican vote. bringing that back together that push her over the stop top? >> i think she needs to do a bit more. it help if the voters voted for her tvm is not enough it is evenly split between republicans
1:30 pm
and democrats the lib tarrian was the reason neither party went over that 50% line. i think one accomplice that they could look to get voters in they may be did not before is hispanics. trump increased support from 2016. made a case to hispanic voters 1s that come from communist nations. his unemployment rates for the groups was record lose before the pandemic. again, the will senate control being important to stop the progressive agendaively think hispanic voters are people the residence need to appeal to here. they need to get some people beyond the base >> john, 101 million dollars pump in the already. can you buy a seat on the senate? . both sides will spends an
1:31 pm
extraordinary amount of money you will turn on the television in georgia and see campaign adds. you know the voters have made up their mind this is stage in the game it is a turn out. effort. you -- you -- it get excitement by having a presence on television. i'm not sure this stage will change many minds it is fascinating what happened in georgia. this is the first time a democrat won electoral votes since 19 noochl a language time. democratic machine is gear said up to the governor's bid has done that. has been the poem in the forefront of that. and so you see the demographics changing and you see enthusiasm on the democratic sides. that said, joe biden won state by 12,000 votes that is a narrow
1:32 pm
margin. senate race are up for grabs. >> we have to leave it there. kelly james thank youism appreciate the time on this. good discussion mou what the heck the bandwidth threat to a covid-19 vaccine could be from hackers from north korea we have want report you might want to hide.
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>> a vaccine hack prosecute north cree at rogue nation reported low trying to break into the break through on a covid-19 vaccine. fox's david has the latest from the d. justice kind of frightening. . bizarre stories takes extra steps. reporting hackers from north
1:37 pm
korea contacted employees on linked in and what it is app. everybody has acstoesz that across the globe and trying to send documents for jobs and the documents had malicious code in them. that is how the hackers were table to get in the employees get the information about the covid-19 vaccine. could happen to anybody. curiously this come at the same time as british drug maker revealed issues with the covid-19 vaccine trials announcing the participates received a lower dose make the percentage less effective. great britain moving forward. terrible officials are taking a step back. it is reevaluate lead is no margin for error. north crowa is denying the hacking charges there is no correct contact with the outside world. and reporting that the accounts
1:38 pm
used to lure employees russian e mails to mislead investigators. right urs reporting the hacking attempt were not successful that is good news reached out to the fbi in the united states tipical they are not commenting on an investigation. edworried? >> that is pretty shocking. thank you very much. the trump administration saying a vaccine will be ready mid december. how safe will it be and can the general population goet it when can they get it. upon so when did we expect the mass vaccinations? the average risked person is mid 2021. health care workers and high risk individuals will see that late winter and early spring. this will be a massive under take to get this in the arms of
1:39 pm
americans. i think it is important to rerm videowe have months ahead of us before we have the vaccine we can't let up on keeping hospitals safe and oust crisis. >> i want to talk about what dave you'd touched on. found out the efficacy rate is better if a half dose first and then the full dose does it concern you a mistake found this? >> yes t does concern me there was a mistake that found this. it might make their vaccine more efcashes. we don't want mistakes to made when they are rolling out hundreds of millions of doses there is an important question how that happened. fortunately it looks like it may have pedestrian their vaccine better. this is also another important question. this is a good vaccine and will get approved but we have questions how this happened. this goes to the trust component.
1:40 pm
we can trust a vaccine but they may have to go to trials to try this new concoction the half dose first and the other dose. does it go to the trust of having the vaccine and will work. i think this there is a trust issue. we want to make sure we were transparent about the clinical trials the safety profile. efficacy is. for different subgroups and discs we want to be proactive if there is hesitance and he people who down the the efficacy and don't get it we will be in the same situation. we want to be careful. because the whole point of this vaccine develop am program it get it in the arms of people to put the pandemic behind us. >> the covid lead for the world health organization don'ts to the look down to look down to control this virus. where do you fall on that? should we look down to droll or
1:41 pm
is there a balance we deal this to mid 2021 for the mass population. i'm not a fan of look downs they are a policy failure. we want to test, trace and isolate and use public health. treat people that are not infected allow them to be free and those who are infected have to restrict their move ams they need to be in isolation or quarantine. we want to look at the data how are people getting infectd and target health to that. that is how south korea did it from the beginning and something we failed to do over and over in the united states. i don't think that look downs because of thence later cascading problems other solution it is targeted public health. so we need to test and isolate. >> in the last 10 seconds do you and to see another rise in cases because of thanksgiving. gi think that people did gather and there will be transmission. i will know this in a few week
1:42 pm
tells be the case. >> i appreciate your time thank you,ure the expert. we are interested in it. so now. see that red in all of this on the map. see that red there. that has a lot of restaurant owners seeing red. covid-19 dining restrictions. found everybody of the planet hollywood chain has ideas on how to fix temperature he is coming up next.
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with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty your table is not ready whether limiting capacity or shutting down indoor dining. states are placing restrictions on restaurants and where is help from congress. restaurants are still waiting. get all the read on this from early and founder of planet hollywood. how do you and a half ghat as a business owner to help those employees? >> part of a complete disaster at the moment. our sip athies go to concept prosecute mote ands broadway, theme partials and list vegas ecstasy like that. and the restaurant industry. it it is a mess. there are 3 things that can help
1:47 pm
save the restaurant industry. a second ppp a lot more care and attention and love from our landlords to help us throughout short term and more creativity inside the restaurant through creation of new virtual dining brands and creation of more ways for pick up and delivery. those other things in the short term will save us >> take the first part of that the ppp of are frustrated with congress at this point you got employees that depend on the paycheck you help them get. what is your level of frustration is a better question? >> well, i'm not sure frustration is right but the first pp helped pp p helped the industry generally. and the industry needs the section one to get through the coming months we don't know hopeful low summer 21 people
1:48 pm
will have confidence from the vehicleseen to get back out there. . until then we need help and the employees need to work and tips and everything in the safe environment. >> huto adapt your business and businesses and restaurantses gone online. you know how do you adapt in this marketplace and you do it quickly, correct? >> first when we call the third platform, grub hub. door dash, post meats have been helpful to the entire restaurant industry. they encouraged the restaraunts to create second brands. personal low we started a new business where i partner with wonderful celebrities from all walks of life with large social media followings and created national brands that we are offering to restaurants to
1:49 pm
become our market partners ask get a ready made concept they ad on to their kitchens. it is creative others are doing it as well. and there is one company doing it out of putting mobile kitchen in car parks. reeve kitchens and they are absolutely excellent. so people -- so let me get this i want to get it right. you are connecting and creating an online business you are connect kitchen this is have capacity to do this. and connecting those with customers on line. that helps keep the jobs. >> yes. first and foremost. sadly under than the restaurants in quick service we have capacity. to be ill strative there is a new trooper with millions upon millions of follow ands he is our partner.
1:50 pm
we created a newburg are brand with him and we are to restaurants kroosdz the upon country to become our local partners in it. and tell give them instant business witness we are launched. tell be on all the third party platforms he has a following. and he has over 40 million people watch his you tube call to the action. >> so -- it is interesting. you read about disney having to expand their layoffs there. i mean a sign of the times they can't reopen their parks in disney land. tractions are suffering? >> um -- i'm -- a participate at disney and i think they have been treated badly particular low in california. they have exetchified how to deal with covid in orlando there
1:51 pm
are rused capacity. they had little incidents and keep as many at work as football and the people they can't keep they maintaining their health insurance and assisting them and asked the same thing in california and it hasn't been forthcoming. they displayed lots of evidence about their ability to deal with things in a great way. >> robert, i appreciate your time thank you very much. enjoy the holidays. thank you. why good to see you. thank you. >> many top house democrats the push to defund the police cost seat what is does this mean for joe biden now that the movement supporters are telling him they are not going away.
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your medication has changed, we want to help.
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♪ >> defund the police supporters want president-elect joe biden to know that they are not going away. while some democrats in congress think the movement hurt the party this election, supporters reportedly say they are only going to get louder once boyden is in office. what does this mean for the president-elect? now independent women's forum and democratic strategist jason nichols are here to discuss. this i want to just start with you. former vice president joe biden, the president-elect now, seemingly supporting defund the police then he changed that no
1:56 pm
actually he supports some reforms of the police. now we are looking at expanding money for police, $300 million for training. is this a situation where he said what he needed to do to get elected and now it may cause a problem for him? >> look, joe biden has been walking this tight rope since the beginning, right? he wanted to present a moderate face to the american people for the general election. and, indeed, joe biden has usually been the javit center oe democratic party as that party has moved left over time. the reality is he is just transitionary figure. there isn't a lot of support with any energy in the democratic party for the kind of slow moving progressivism of a joe biden. in fact, he was always transitionary. himself a transitionary figure and papering over of very serious left ward shifts on this issue and many others. but the reason that, you know, joe biden has had to change his rhetoric on this issue is, of course, defund the police is
1:57 pm
extremely unpopular, including with black americans. >> jason, i wanted to ask you about georgia, specifically, did the democrats hope to make changes or reforms to the police department and policing across the country? does that rest in georgia and if they can retain a majority there? >> well, i think georgia is going to be a very key race or both of those races there. we have seen that david perdue doesn't want to come out and debate. and i think that's going to hurt republicans there. i don't think that this issue is necessarily the make or break issue in georgia. i think it's all going to be, excuse me, it's all going to be turn out. and i also don't believe there is a one size fits all approach to local policing, different jurisdictions have different needs to ensure best practices. but, i think it's good that activists are going to hold joe biden accountable. i think that, you know, it would be disappointing if they were just being quiet just because trump is gone. you know, activists are the people who are beholden to the communities that they serve.
1:58 pm
not to any politicians or political parties. and i think that's what these activists are saying. and the people who believe that this is why they lose elections, that's just absolutely not true. i know abigail spanberger has been someone who said that because she ran a close race. she has to understand the district she is n the seventh district in virginia that's always going to be a conservative district and close one for democrats to pull that out. >> jason, i wanted to ask you then so county president-elect reach across the aisle and get something done should things be divided? you have about 30 seconds. >> yeah, no, i think he absolutely can. it depends on, you know, how reasonable some republicans want to be or whether they want to hold grudges and keep us guided. but, joe biden has always been a fan of community policing. he has done that since 1994 with the bill that he passed. so i think that you know, there are republicans who will support community policing. more funding for policing.
1:59 pm
but policing the right way. >> let me ask that to inez then. are their republicans receptive to this? because clearly some democrats believe this cost them an election and the house of representatives shrank in terms of the majority that the democrats had. so inez, does this play a role? >> yeah. and you have representative clyburn among others saying that messaging like this on the police was responsible for some of that loss. i don't know how much bipartisan work would be possible on this issue only because republicans have advanced, for example, legislation that would ban no knock warrants. there are some policy grounds. it largely seems to me that this movement for defund the police goes much, much further beyond any kind of common ground that could be held between republicans and democrats and, indeed, sort of rejects that common ground. we saw that in senator paul's bill no knock warrants get
2:00 pm
knocked down by democrats. i don't know how much commonality there is. >> i will have to leave it there don't miss cavuto live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. "the five" is coming up next. so stay tuned. don't go away: ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: hello, everyone, i'm lawrence jones along with emily compagno, jessica tarlov, tom shillue and dr. nicole saphier. welcome to this edition of "the five." president trump not giving up in his fight over the election. trump telling reporters he will push on. but did say he will leave office if the electoral college votes for joe biden. watch this. >> certainly i will. and you know that but i think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and the 20th of january. a lot of things. massive fraud has been found. thisas


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